I came across this very interesting picture of a whale in Venice. A sharp contrast to pictures of Venice we are used to of gondola’s slowly gliding through its sinking streets. The sight of a whale in Venice kind of unsettled me until I learned that the water flowing through Venice was a branch off from the Adriatic Sea (and extension of the Mediterranean Sea) which was extremely salty, then it kind of made sense that a whale would wonder into the sinking city.

What was even more unsettling was how similar the sight of a whale in Venice was similar to how some of us choose to live our lives.

Many of us are equipped for greatness and blessed beyond measure and still choose to live like victims. Some face consistent challenges with blooming in environments saturated with small thinkers and insecure people who constantly eat at your self esteem and bright ideas. For others it’s the difficulty of building your global ideas in a local environment..

No matter what shade of this ‘ideological picture’ your life may reflect, it is time to understand that some great ideas or causes you have may not neccesarily be for your present environment. It is time to cast your nets wider or like this whale find a route back to the sea just so you can be great.

P.S- this picture of a whale in Venice is actually a composite image by artist Robert Jahns