$65 billion, too many celebrities and regular pips: victims, one former chairman of Nasdaq and the ultimate world class ‘ponzi’ scheme. if any of these doesnt already sound familiar, then u have wither been in a coma or u have been marooned on an island.
Enter Bernard Lawrence “Bernie” Madoff the darkest mind in the world of FRAUD! Initially i wondered why for so long he was able to carry on his ponzi scheme undetected, then it hit me: former NASDAQ chairman. What other credibility could dwarf that of the man who chaired the greatest catalyst of world economy(NASDAQ).
Not all things that are hyped have credibility, by using his reputation as former… and an elitist clique coupled with the phony classification of the scheme (fueled by the rejection of investment money from people) bernie has redefined the term ‘possible’.
I am not about to tell you bout what and how he went about defrauding pips and banks from all over the world. but i only have one question:

why are people not interested in where the money is right now?

my guess is the 5th generation of  the Madoff family would have stuff to spend if @ this time they still cant find the money madoff probably has it all worked out and hidden. If he was smart enough to get it he will mosdef hide it well if not for himself but for the unborn Madoffs’.
in hi own words: ‘ i knew this day would come, I had expected it since the late 90’s’ that statement alone tell me that he has a script palying out in his head.
If you are Nigerian and you lost money in the wealthsolution schemes, and others that is nothing compared to what the Madoff victims have lost.