leave all this crazy talk about empty swagger, Djinee has got his R&B street cred if there is is anything like that. The former soundcity veejay overkilled it on his latest delivery: ‘The Album Djinee’.
I have bumped all the tracks on the album for some time now and belive me i am a satisfied customer.
The beauty of this Album does not just lie in the maestro ability of djinee but the production genius of M.I and his younger brother Jesse Jagz and between them they produced 8 tracks on the Djinee Album. What amazes me the most is the fact that its a rare feat to have professional rappers play keyboards/pianos, save for pips like Kanye West…
Then there is the touch of the Production King himself: Cobhams Asuquo who produced 4 of the tracks on the Album. Do i need to give you anymore reason to buy the album?
If you were to define a good album or musical production, how would you do that? As for me i would just define that in one word: DJINEE.

my personal favourite is the Overkillin it remix ft. Iceprince, Jesse Jagz and M.I the track was wicked and had some ill Rhymes.