Last Friday, I received a harsh lesson in patience. The kind of lesson someone with my temperament wouldn’t naturally be open to. I had just rounded off my activities for the day by attending a special program of music and Comedy at the Pistis Centre called NJOY with my wife. Leaving the venue in high spirits and heading straight into the OANDO traffic along the Lekki axis, my wife and I recalled jokes from the event as we drove and then all of a sudden I felt a sharp jolt.
We had been hit from behind and I looked through the rear view mirror to be sure it wasn’t a set up, got out of the car to assess the damage and without even looking at the other driver  (lets call him ‘Moshood’ for the purpose of this piece) got back in the car.
As I settled back into the driver’s seat, I looked at the clock it was about 9:00PM and I figured it was a dangerous time to be making trouble so as I prepared to drive off I felt yet another hard jolt, this time a slightly louder sound from the SUV Moshood was driving. This couldn’t be happening, was this guy deliberately trying to provoke me? For some reason I chose to ignore him and kept driving. I must note that it took a lot for me to not even look at or talk to Moshood, the driver of that car.
You see I have always known there are really mad and irresponsible people in Lagos but talking about it is one thing and seeing it play out is another. Still stuck in that traffic we kept moving, my wife did all she could to calm me down and then I began to see reason, but just as I was cooling off and making excuses for Moshood’s conduct in my mind thinking maybe he was drunk and all, another loud BANG! From behind. Hell no! I wasn’t having non of this sh#%t no more…
I got out of the car keeping my distance and avoiding a clear line of sight should incase a gun gets pointed at me I examined my car once again, just a minor scratch on my bumper and I approached the driver: “ are you looking for a fight, of have we met before?” I asked the driver. His exact response was this and I quote: “ I have hit you exactly 3 times. 3 times is exactly what it took for you to come find out if I had a problem.” Then he kept quite, maybe waiting for my reaction…

To be Continued…
If you are still reading this I would like to ask a simple question:
what would you do if you were in my position?

I am particularly interested in your responses please leave your comments.