a few weeks ago a middle aged man i had the privilege to sit with mentioned something that kinda pricked my conscience. He said and i quote: “for some reason Tuface Idibia is the only saving grace and hope the Nigerian music has internationally” In my ‘mind’s eye’, it looked like he obviously must have been ignorant of all the international record deals signed by some other Nigerian acts like Dbanj, wizkid among others… so this morning i attempted a mental check of the average Nigerian songs that would truly stand the test of time and remain ever green, initially i drew i drew blanks until i was able to come up with a few songs from about 4 or 5 artistes then the real meaning of that statement hit me, it was never really about how much money the commercial artistes made these days but the messages inherent in their music. How did we get this far? how did it become a crime to produce good music with a message in it? when did our priorities shift to boobby and baka sizes??

we dont make ever green music anymore, its not news anyways but some how we still find contemporary Nigerians artistes who make hits from remixes of much older Nigerian songs. My question now is this, 20-30yrs from now what songs will our grand children have to remake?  is it the kasapreko and bobby themed songs that always manage to escape NBC bans?

i realise most of our artistes figured a way milk the cow that is the music industry, but like always the cow can only live for so long, what happens when it dies? Nigerians have a common trait no matter what part of the world they find themselves  and that is our general ability to adapt to situations and places. At the end of the day we are all short term traders always only thinking about the now so i wouldnt blame nobody for not caring about posterity.