This week we had the rare privilege to chat with the beautiful singer and dancer- NikkiLaoye. This very sweet and fun lady shared insights about her life, music, childhood, performing with artistes she idolized growing up(listen to find out which) and her Angel4life foundation. One of the things that really struck me was her out of the ‘gospel genre’ box approach to spreading the gospel.
There is absolutely no doubt that we live in perilous times where just as scriptures foretold, our creed is increasing becoming un-cool thanks in part to the passive approach to spreading the gospel by the christian community. Over decades we may have succeeded in alienating potential believers with our tactless and judgmental approach to spreading the gospel. Even the bibles states that he that winneth souls is wise meaning that a great part of spreading the gospel requires tact. I hope you download and enjoy this engaging interview. Also please leave a comment below after listening.



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