well some pips never learn do they.Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade whoever he is just soaped his uniform. This same incidence reminds me of the okada guy that got shot in the head by a naval officer @ Ikeja sometime ago. And to think that it was even a lady that was so treated is a big slap not only to our democracy but also to ‘rationality’.

I first saw this video on STV and i listened to the victim being interviewed and believe me this rear admiral and his 6 bodyguards need some ‘lynchin’

“On the third of november 2008 on Muhri Okunola Street, victoria Island Lagos, the traffic was chaotic. A young lady (Uzoma Okere) driving home from work didn’t move her vehicle out of the way of a millitary convoy on time, resulting severe beatings by armed Nigerian Navy men. The convoy consisted of Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade’s personal Navy saloon car and his pilot truck, consisting of 6 armed bodyguards. The body guards in the process physically beat up several Price WaterHouse Coopers staff and destroyed cameras that were filming the event as it unfolded. The video clip was recorded from the PricewaterHouseCoopers office on a personal camera. “-ireport.com