using space technology to boost the economy??? that has to be the most ridiculous thing i have heard since i was hooked to a placenta. Our misplaced priorities as a nation is an ever present source of amazement. A few days ago i did say while discussing with some friends that from govt. to govt. in the last 10 years, there has been very little care for the people. Incase you have no idea what i am on about, The Nigerian government recently announced it will send astronauts to space by the year 2015, that’s in 3 years. Isnt there a reason the American government recently put an end to its space program?

Riddle me this, is it the same nation that lost a communication satellite in space over night with out the slightest idea where the said satellite drifted to that now wants to endanger the lives of some  ‘wanna be Nigerian astronauts’. There a  pressing issues we have to contend with which in all fairness even the US govt.has challenges coping with, so far i have yet to see or read about any creative solution or positive move towards reducing this. I know for a fact that the SSS and DMI are working hard to fix this but as i always say: ‘any organization/entity is a reflection of its leadership’. Until we begin to place value on human life and the welling being of the people misplaced priorities would be a norm.