Friday, 4th February, 2011

Indeed this prolific artiste and super producer is in a class of his own when it comes to making quality music. At just 24 years of age he has produced spectacular African artistes which include Vector, Tuface, saucekid, funbi, zara, taio amongst others, HCODE has also been involved in hybrid sampling productions of projects by American producer ‘the dream’-fancy which has received rave reviews.
As far as I can tell ‘blackberry Pins’ are supposed to be personal right? Apparently not for some celebrities,  imagine what happens when an artiste decides to compose a song with his real Blackberry pin. We have heard lots of songs about blackberries, but this particular track: 210DBFF1 by this prolific artiste HCODE trumps them all as this track is bound to grow on you quickly. Asides from the fact that its his real pin, the 210DBFF1 song is a feel good, woman pleasing track that is already heating up mobile devices and online blogs. Exactly five hours after release via BB broadcast and online HCODE has received over 748 blackberry messenger add requests, if you are still in doubt I’ll advice you judge for yourself: .
As further proof of his diversity as an artist, HCODE also teamed up with soul singer TAIO (the real Nigerian born) to produce the track REMEMBER. This track is indeed a classic R&B song that reviews the past and present of most celebrities. We would recall that some months ago HCODE released his first official single IWO NI a hybrid afro-techno track which featured VECTOR. Finally in an attempt to reach to his U.K fans HCODE released the single ‘ONE CLUB TO ANOTHER’ a feel good club banger which is a fusion of core hip hop and garage style of rap.
There is no doubt that HCODE is bound to catch the eye of award committees across Africa, the U.K and the US this year. 
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IWO NI – HCODE ft Vector

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