This has to rank as my favorite horor(*well i think semi horor) movie of all time. I always had the impression that if you wanted a good story line in a movie, horors movies where the last place to turn. I dare say that the director of this movie has got a very twisted mind and a keen attention to details.

From the visually disturbing scenes, to the creative patterns by which each of the major casts where haunted by death,it is apparent that this is an amazing movie to watch.

The movie directed by David R. Ellis, stars Ali Larter and A.J Cook who both play individuals who cheated death by having premonitions through which they were able to save lives except that the survivors begin to die in mysterious ways after the said premonitions, which prompts them to stick together for survival

The downside to this movie for me was: after such an intense script I would have expected a more dramatic end. In conclusion this movie gets 7 G-stamps from me out of 10.