Imagine for a minute that your mind is a heavily guarded (skull) fortress with various entrances (eyes, nose, ears, etc..). Also imagine that your very existence and quality of Life, depended on how well you develop and protect this very mind.

When you think about it, every possible man made convenience from Aircrafts, to something as simple as a spoon, to the tallest skyscrapers on earth; these were once a product of some innovative mind. Everything in existence were once intangible in the human mind so much so that a persistent belief in the possibility of its existence pushed individual inventors to bring  these things to life.

What exactly do you believe about yourself?
What kind of thoughts do you encourage?

Indeed whatever the mind can conceive, the hand can achieve, for the fact that your very mind could it is enough evidence of the inherent possibilities.
You are and will forever be the architect of your own fortune or worse – misfortune. The God given power to make choices is what ensures that in addition to His freely give grace to excel in Life we have to make conscious efforts to make a difference in every situation we find ourselves. So every chance you get to develop your mind or shield it from any form of social trauma enough to make a difference in Life should be embraced. Guard your thoughts with all diligence..