Ladies & gentle men we have TEETH! 
well 3 tiny little ones.
As i write this piece the little man- Excuse me! ‘The Emperor’ has been speeding around the house like a reckless driver in his stroller why? I will get to that bit later..
Its been seven (7) months of parenting adventure with this little man, and from my end in all this time i may have succeeded in instilling my ‘daredevilicity’ in my if thats even a thing.
In my last post #diARyofaGoOgleDad- #3 (The Learners!) i left off at the hospital, a lot has changed since then as one would expect, and unfortunately i haven’t had the luxury of time to write about it but i will try now to summarize my 7mnths in the next paragraph.
So in 7months, i.e. about 850 diappers, 7 big jars of Aptamil formula, and probably thousands of mililitres of breast milk later this young man has become an unstoppable ball of 
This hasn’t come as a surprise to me however we saw signs months ago that he seemed to do things ahead of his time a good example would be his circumcision, yeah that was done way ahead of the 7 days and he handled that pretty well, then the vaccines.. The young man quickly became aware every time we walked into either of our hospitals and placed him on the exam bed that it was time to get pricked. 
He has also displayed certain fears like the fear of blenders and drilling machines (cos we moved recently)… The sound just terrifies him. We didn’t realize he was terrified by grinding noises until we noticed how tight he clings and lets go when these machines come on and go off. So to help him every time his mom worked the blender, i would carry him close enough to it so he would see where the noise was from and possibly make him touch it when it was turned off to help him over come the fear. 
Finally in the 7months he has become so addicted to be being thrown in the air that these days he makes me feel like thats all i’m really good for i.e. throwing him in the air. He is always quick to stretch out his arms to me so i can throw him, hence the term ‘daredevilicity’ which i used earlier- simply put the boy has lost his fear of heights and free fall…lol
The last 3months have been about teething- constant drooling and ‘ikanra’ along with plenty of Pican teething syrup.  The constant itching of his gum and chewing of every thing in sight is just hard to keep up with, lets just say one of the remote controls in the house didn’t make it out of his teething phase alive. 
A while back we started feeding him mashed solids [potatoes, bananas etc.] bit by bit and today for the first time he had Amala and Ewedu, one meal i personally can’t stand but my son ‘fell my hand’ today when his mom fed him Amala, i was half expecting him to turn away in disgust but what did he do? He licked his lips every time like he just discovered the secret to human existence…lol. Which brings me back to his Speeding in the stroller, which i saw him do for the first time today all cos someone tasted Amala, i tried to make a little video of the little ‘Amala Bandit’ but he was like little Flash leaving glowing amala streaks..LMAO. 
So now I’m thinking maybe the next time we try to feed him Amala we just might need some LASTMA officials at the house…
The Google Dad,
– @gozzim