Its been exactly 4months & 12 days since I became a dad for the first time (its also kind of hard for me to to imagine what life was before this little emperor arrived, like how did we survive without him?) and since then i have contemplated if writing about my experiences as a first time dad is even a wise  and safe choice. 
For a while my wife and i decided she would do the writing about our experiences but for some reason i guess she has had her hands full. My interest in writing about these experiences is not just because ours is a peculiar case of parenthood, but that it occurred to us that we are in a culture that provides support from Family members and parents after child birth, but in our case we have had almost no elderly support or ‘Omugwo’ as people from the Eastern parts of Nigeria call it, why? Both our biological moms are late.
The little we know about the right things to do in caring for a new born has been through Google, YouTube, friends and the few experienced & elderly people around us, Hence the title of this series. 
This journey started late last year when my humble self scored… well the news of a baby in the human oven didn’t seem so overwhelming for me like some said it would, since in my mind i had prepped even before marriage, but you see sometimes its not about your plans but about what God’s big picture for your life is. 
I knew our lives and routines were about to change forever, my wife had to stay away from Caffeinated drinks (Coke & co …lol), I had to drive her to and from work everyday which wasn’t a bad experience fast forward 8months and hundreds of Google searches and Dr. Appointments later we had to start driving around town with several bags in the trunk. I have to hand it to my wife at this point, that is one very strong woman. All through the pregnancy, she never fell ill once, save for the gradual softening of her bones and the kicks she had to endure. That whole 9month experience opened me up to a new level of deep respect for women. 
I haven’t said anything here some don’t already know but the things i will reveal in subsequent posts under the same title about our experiences might help some upcoming parents better prepare for such a time. That said please understand that you can never ever be fully prepared for this life changing experience no matter how hard you try its okay to just do your best, attend your appointments, take the necessary drugs and precautions (for women) and hope and pray for the best. In my next post i will share some details of how i watched my wife for 13hours in labor and how God protected us from the negligence of some people. till next time let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.
– @gozzim