N: Daddy look I’m sweeping..

Me: that’s good son

N: ‘Say well done to me’

Me: ok Well done! (said while facing the cooker)

N: Daddy what’s wrong? (asked because i didn’t turn to acknowledge him)

Nothing , I’m cooking.

That little man on whom this #diAryOfaGoOgLeDad series was originally based has grown so much in statue and intellect that i find myself wondering how much of a role we have even played in who is becoming.

This sensitive young man has become an subtle inspiration to me especially in the area of being sensitive to others. I guess living in Lagos with all the commotion and excessive mistrust for people can make you a little less sensitive to some type of people. Anyways that was the conversation this morning and for a while i kept thinking about his genuine gesture.

A lot has changed for my emperor lately especially since he became big brother to our latest addition. While i was a little cautious of how he would handle A’s arrival i must say he has surprised me a bit. He is a little protective of her too and i already feel for her future boyfriends …lol

I don’t want to make this too long so i will dive right into the morale of this story here. There is a lot to learn by just observing your children grow. A lot to learn about your children and about yourself. Ultimately you can do the little you can as a custodian but it is God that gives increase and growth.

Let me leave you with the kind of conversations i can hear between my son and wife as i type this:

Mum: kuro jor! (Yoruba)

N: Mummy what is ‘Kuro jor’?

Mum: it means move away.

N: huh

its curiosity season ladies and ‘men-tu-gen’ !!!