I have often found it baffling how abnormal things seem to evolve into normalcy in Nigeria. Perhaps it’s because some organizations never stop to rationalize the far reaching effect of their policies. In my opinion any organization that is dumb enough to to put up signs like the one shown above don’t deserve an ounce of trust from its customers.

What’s funny still is the prevalence of multi-level parking facilities in the Victoria island axis with these signs. So they make you pay between 200 to 500 Naira and still boldly announce that you are parking at your own risk. Telling your potential or existing customers that you cannot guarantee the safety of their vehicles while they are on your premises patronizing you is indeed the height to corporate irresponsibility. 

A few years ago, a friend visited a prominent hotel in V.I for an event. After the event, the friend discovered the car wasn’t where it had been parked. It was concluded that the car had been stolen and attempts were made to get some input and possibly compensation from the management which all proved to be an effort in futility. (The car was parked within the premises of the hotel by the way). This singular incident prompted the management to also put up these signs. 

I dare say that sometimes our adaptation and reaction to challenges in this country can be as useless as getting an epidural after labour/ a C.S during childbirth. At some point we have to consciously move beyond this attitude to business in Nigeria to actually caring about customers…