About me

I am a Media Consultant from dawn, dreamer from dusk. I design & build larger than life brands for a living. On the weekends i am a Radio show producer and host of HOLYHOLLA on Rhythm93.7fm.
I run a firm called Swagcraft Media, where we specialize in Media Management and Concert Promotion and have worked with many exciting brands like Apple, Blackberry, Leather World, Silverbird Group, Nestle Nigeria and much more.
I am a Believer, and husband to the most beautiful woman on earth;  and an evolving Eternal Investor. 
I write my headers in toggled text because its a constant reminder to me that: “Life can only be as complex as you choose to make it” it helps me believe that i can control the degree of complexity I allow in my life at any given time.. I am am a minimalist at heart and believer in the ‘less is more’ school of thought.