We all have heard that expression ‘Money Changes People’ as much as that cliche sounds plausible I do not agree that money changes people but I believe money amplifies our already existing character. So when you are finally at that point of affluence in your life, here are somethings that are bound to be different to people around you. Here are 15 things that change when you become rich:

1. Friends

2. Food

3. Address

4. Appearance 

5. Quality of Holidays

6. Optimization for taxes

7. Cars

8. The way people treat you

9. People will come for what you have (Litigations)

10. You won’t care about social media

11. Your goals (you will boldly dream bigger).

12. The things that make you happy

13. You read more

14. Your legacy

15. No B.S – you say what you think